The month that wasn’t

 All doors seem locked

This passing month of july has been a month of what has not been!- for almost nothing tangible happened, what a painful month. NOTHING AT ALL!

There was someone expected to join the household for assisting around the home, no sign yet. All the small pieces I wrote here and there are hanging fire, which includes one abstract, one full piece titled, why the music therapy article by me, should not be seen as anything but a case for music pedagogy and an exercise in advocacy. Just imagine, making your own suffering look so small! but then, i do not want that people should focus on the person and not the phenomenon. That is why you do research in the first place- it is not a PR exercise after all, but an act of dissecting yourself in the public eye and pretend it does not hurt, while you may be crying on the inside. That is what autoethnography is all about- unless you are writing about your honeymoon! (and it was a good one)

Oh but today I spoke with an editor in a publishing house discussing my new idea about a book- I think it is best to work in music, because few would be sitting inside and offering the sort of insights I can or a few like me can- who have had a huge range of learning and teachign experiences.

that reminds me about the communication I had recently with a journalist friend on the subject of the halo around the word TRADITION in the Indian context or how in fact it has been molested beyond repair or how we cherish our arroagnce of not having a written tradition, seemingly favouring the oral over the visual one. And that is why the best research even about Indian tradition does not seem to be happening within India, because we Indians do not believe in codifying anything or leaving anything for posterity- just pander to our senses in the present and think we have made the greatest contribution possible. We are nothign but egoistic buffoons. Sadly so.

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