Entering University on a New Platform

It is a funny life finally. For years I have been moping over the fact that I wanted to get into doctoral research and I could not get admission because no university in India would admit me. Why? Because I did not have the mandatory 55% marks in my Master’s course (due to  disabling that psychosis caused). Notwithstanding the fact that I had so many publications in peer-reviewed journals and so much else, no concession could be made for me- ANYWHERE in India. This is how enabling our environment is!

For the last couple of days I have been having these one line communications with a young scholar doing her doctoral research in Delhi University. I did not know until a few days ago who she was and what was her interest in me or my work. Then we had a little exchange, because I sent a request for volunteers to be part of a new research that I am planning on the subject of loneliness. She volunteered to be part of it.

Anyhow, today I figured that she had interest in disability too, because of experiencing something herself. I referred her to my own research site, without telling her what disabling condition I suffered from. One does not know how much is too much to share with unknown people, though both her guides are well known to me. Anyways, in response to my sharing of research with her, she sent this message-

I have read some of your articles as part of our master’s course.
Its my privilege to know you and your great work.
I have heard you in our indian psychology conference also ..

That is the irony of life sometimes. I could not enter the university to study, but my writing is being referred in a course of MDSC00918 (1)aster’s in Psychology. Does anything make sense anywhere? How much more my writing would have benefited the world, if only it could have been published in a better format! I am sad, yet satisfied that at least my writing has left some footprints behind, and someone is still seeing it!

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