Birthing stories

I did have to record this before the year went down finally. There was this big shift in my mind where I felt that I was in love with the form – of the short story. I think it takes a lot to write a good short story.

So while the year slips by, I am looking at the many stories I started and did not really put an end to. However, they have been advanced far into and it is only a matter of time before I would get down to completing them. Of course this is all thanks to the fact that I worked so much in research and then I felt it was pretty much useless. Why would I want to write stuff that only gets read in universities and does not reach the eyes or ears of the man on the street? Not because i want to cater to the lowest common denominator (only Indian cinema can do that), but because I do want to communicate more openly and accessibly.

As it is due to the sheer love I have for people anywhere and the sense of appreciation with which I look at life around (notwithstanding the wry tone of some of my blog posts) I always want to write about the lives of people who nobody is going to stop for. I see their determined, grim faces and how much of an effort they make at keeping a straight face, no matter what their heart is weeping about. In their little failures and joys, lie the reasons of hope for me. I feel as though I just look at lives around like it were a movie happening at every step- every story is a story unfolding on a daily basis.

Anyways, keeping aside the thought that I am in love with the short story genre and likely I will offer a great part of my writing in future, to the world via the short story, the reason I am writing this blogpost is that I encountered an interesting link to a few podcasts on the art of short story writing and i thought it would be a good idea to save them via an entry of my own.

Here is the link. In this link one can encounter eight writers talking about the short story – a good learning experience I think. Nothing like a cup of tea to read/write a short story 🙂

Goa 2014 266

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