Tuning into the wisdom of people- for their recoveries

I am relieved, or partially so.

The website is up, or will be completed soon.

So all the eggs (err.r..r.mental health resources) have come into one basket.

The basket is called Antardhwanee- the inner sound. I am happy I picked up this name, for it resonates so nicely with Hamsadhwani, both of them rooted in ‘sound’ (dhwani/dhwanee). The sound of music and the sound of a human mind are both sounds only, after all. So Antardhwanee, my new venture, or rather the old packaged as new and distinctly so, now stand apart from the musical side- Hamsadhwani. I like the website, it is interesting. I wonder if anyone else also likes the neat design, which says everything in a compact manner.

The good thing is that I am working in therapeutic dialogues more effectively, or if I say it fatalistically, more people are looking for ways out of mental illnesses. When I invited some who I have counseled or currently do, to write some testimonials down, that I could share publicly. By reading them,  I realized that my work had meaningful outcomes all along the way. I always like to keep evaluating myself, so I am satisfied that lives are slowly transforming. I have this immense faith in the wisdom of people, if only they can be tweaked into trusting themselves, in newer ways. After all, if I did not have the wisdom, how would I have changed my own story?

Many things have been happening along these past few days. Some of them nice ones, some of them painful ones (my lower spine and its radiating pain, giving early warning of sciatica again), and some sad ones. The latter is more of the human rights violations that happen in homes, in the name of psychiatric interventions. I just wrote a post about that on another blog, to tell someone where they were going wrong, in handling their family member, who has been given a schizophrenia diagnosis.

Earlier in the day, a young man had called me up, to talk about his schizophrenia and related issues. I asked him if he had declared in his place of work about his ‘condition’. Fortunately, he declined. Nobody should ever talk about their mental health issues, becaDSCN1155use people love to label others. I told him to work on a recovery paradigm, which would be interesting to watch. I know for sure that people can recover and go off medications.

But that can only happen if they hold the hand of someone who can steer them. They most definitely have to use their own strength to get out of the marsh…but never underestimate the steering role. Had I had such a person, to clearly guide me, may be I would not have taken medication for 18 years!!

Ah, lest I forget the special issue of the World Cultural Psychiatry Research Review will be released later this week in Mexico. The special volume has stories of art based therapies in mental health from all around the world. It is open access, anyone can read, download anything they like. My article is called Musical Progressions. It is by far the best article I have written about myself- it is very thorough, futuristic and is intended as a road map for more to follow, if they can discern the message in it.

They also have an exhibition happening there in Mexico. I have sent some of my poetry and two CDs for display/listening.  In the next post, I will share the poems that I have sent to Mexico, for display on my behalf. But this that follows is already published as part of my article.

O poets what wilt thee leave behind
For mankind, that mere words can build?
Will thee merely, blacken sheets of paper
With the dark imaginings of thine turbid brains,
‘N leave them behind, in the name of poesy?

O thee have not schools, nor universities to build!
Neither homes of hope, institutions of charity
Hospitals, big dams, or bridges or laboratories…

So add a drop o’ life
To this smoldering ocean that chokes
‘N fumes b’neath the staggering burden of humankind
O poets, leave not that which shall tease those to come

Leave babbling brooks, replete with rays of a new hope
O poets dream the impossible dreams and weave
Them into a necklace of words such
That thine dreams, become the dreams of a world torn asunder
Leave not weeping sagas, of thine own (personal pain)
For many a soul in such a one languishes –
Hold their hands, fire their hearts, leave behind, if you can,
A ray of sun, after the tearing rain.
(13th July 1999, unpublished poetry)

10 thoughts on “Tuning into the wisdom of people- for their recoveries

    • Thank you Jan. Most certainly I care a lot about everyone I am connected to and when people are connected to me for therapeutic reasons, I am very tuned to them and their souls. What other way could be there, I cannot imagine. But then our therapeutic styles are all unique and personal as well as cultural.


      • All true. I remember reading of Carl Rogers an instrumental therapist here in the USA. One of his most important tenets as I understand it is that the relationship between the client and the therapist in and of itself has healing value when filled with true regard and warmth. thank you for all the work you do.


  1. Yes of course Jan, who does not know Carl Rogers. Anyone who works in therapy is aware of his kindness, via so much one gets to read, even as part of training. Thank you too, for such kind echoes from your corner. have a good day ahead.


  2. A beautiful poem indeed. You do have a way with words and music. I self-diagnosed myself as a Bipolar few months ago. I have been dealing with it, reading your research paper “Making Song, Making Sanity: Recovery from Bipolar Disorder” was very helpful to me.

    I write a bit of poetry, and it does help me mentally. I have also been listening your music and songs on youtube. Trust me, they are beautifully sung and composed. I like all of them.

    You are senior to me and a very busy person, but I wish to ask you for a few little favours:

    first please visit my blog, it has my poetry: http://www.whispersofimmortality.com

    and second is more important which involves you guiding me from this darkness in to the daylight.
    If you could give me any little tips or advices, maybe I could break from this trance of depression and achieve my full potential and much more like you . Help me understand this, help me use it constructively.

    Mayank Mishra


    • Dear Mayank, thank you for your appreciation son. I will be happy to assist you in whatever manner possible- but let us begin with the first thing…about self diagnosis. Please for god sake do NOT self diagnose. Everyone suffers in this world, but we do not have to give ourselves labels for that.There are ways to cope with suffering, but inviting a diagnostic label into your own life is a big mistake.

      So at the outset I recommend you to think of yourself as a creative, sensitive, gifted sort who is having some issues with life around- bipolar is a horrid thing, let me tell you (my phd research is about psychosis only), and trust me you do not want to be there.

      Please free to write me an email and we can work out a way to talk. My email is office.hamsa@gmail.com


  3. You are right about the self diagnosing part. I agree it was a mistake.

    I got in contact with you because over time I realized what music and poetry did for you, poetry writing does it for me.


    • Since you have read Making SONG, Making Sanity, please read the other paper titled Musical Progressions- which is an even more important writing from the point of view of recovery. recovery does not happen purely due to writing poetry or singing- it is a complex, multivariate and difficult process, and it takes a great effort to sustain the recovery, not just accomplish it. And that is the struggle we have to make continuously. I do not think you have spent that long a time with your suffering as I did before I recovered, because there are phases when a person is completely frozen…there is no question of doing anything, not even writing poetry. It is much more complex. Do read other writings I have written especially on the other blog, where I share about those I work with in counseling , when I find the time to. The blog is called peace matters.


      • Okay. I will do that. Yes, you are right. I have only experienced this from the last 5 years with intermittent periods of normality.

        I am still in control to a good extent. It is only a matter of discipline and giving time to tackle this problem.


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