Of inabilities and disabilities

It goes without saying I have not been blogging- at all. In months and months. I am simply not able to- the computer where I have a high speed internet is in a room which feels very cold this winter. I mean, this winter in particular, because I am back into the room after a gap of a few years, and of not experiencing winter at that. The neighbours built a high wall, which has blocked the sun coming into that room forever and ever now. It filled my heart with a great gloom when I saw that, upon my return and for that one reason I did not want to come back to this house, can you believe?!


This is the room a few years back. The window on the left is the one I am referring to here. It no longer looks like this anyways and no green plants grow outside it! The table I use there is also a different one now. The book shelf has also gone and I have another one instead- god life is totally different from those days, a few years ago.

And then there were the pains, which would not allow me to sit at the computer. By the time some of my pains diminished Raga, the German Shepherd became disabled. Now she cannot walk on all fours. So she ends up dragging her two hind legs and walk on the front two. It is a little or possibly a lot of problem for everyone concerned- which largely means her and me. The problem mostly lies in the domain of easing her bladder and  bowels. We have created a long loop of cloth (like a tube) and filled it with fibre, polyfill. I slide it down her front legs, and help her by lifting her hind legs while she manages her front ones. She can of course also run in this posture, as it is not a problem for her, propped up thus. But it is not the easiest of things for me, for I have not yet fully recovered from my own pains and infirmity.

But besides this I am doing the best in terms of supplements to her, in particular some homeopathy and Glucosamine for joint support. Ginger is continuing with her ear problems! For now I have put her on antibiotics for a few days, but keeping my fingers crossed, as this seems to be a chronic condition. I was also worried that Raga would not be able to make it to her birthday, but she did. She turned 10 years on 23rd January, 2017- wow! Now all my dogs are senior dogs, and with the youngest being 10…we are a geriatric canine household 🙂

The phd research has started in slow motion, while the music writing is also on- in other words, many kettles have been put on fire, and there are a few things brewing. Once a week I also go to the local jail for counseling. It is a learning experience to say the least- mostly one sees the inhuman attitudes of jail authorities towards prisoners and it feels like a civilizational shame. I think going to the jail has taught me that those who are convicted are better people than prison authorities! For now I would have to terminate this here and carry on the rest of my work, but I hope the jinx has broken, of writing in 2017.


My foursome in January 2017, at home in Faridabad- from top- Ginger, Nikki, Dash and Raga with the back of her head looking at the others. A rare picture having all four.


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