Uber and its little frauds

I hired an Uber Cab today. A Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire landed at my door with a driver calling himself Rahul (when I saw Rahul’s picture later, it was a different person!!). I am a recent Uber client, and even more recently I have added my credit card for payment for it- until now I was using the cash payment method. I did not realize that I ought to be paying for every trip by my credit card only and no further cash payment would be permissible.


I went all the way, where I had to and incurred a bill of about Rs.340/- But at that time the driver said to me the bill was 300! I did not see any payment device in his hand and I was unsure what was happening- so I asked him whether he would like cash payment or card. He said to me ‘Madam, if you can give cash, that would be nice. I do not have any way to take card!!!’ I of course did not know that the card payment goes directly to the Uber company which pays the drivers later. So I said, don’t worry, I will pay you by cash. It is my father’s birthday and I was just a little happy that he is safely out after a major surgery, so I did not mind being a little generous with my pocket cash, which I do not otherwise give away easily. Meanwhile the driver ‘Rahul’ was giving me the story that he had a stomach pain and he needed to go to the doctor. I could not make heads or tails about the whole business, but I thought giving cash would just be fine as it was not a big amount anyways!

He took the money, as according to him the amount was 300. A few hours later I needed to come back home and had to book a cab again. When I opened the Uber application on my phone it said I had a pending amount of Rs.349/-! Would I please care to authenticate the transaction?! I was shocked, surprised and upset all of a sudden, because I had already paid and was being demanded a second time payment.

So I thought they would have a redressal mechanism, decided to approach it. Here is the conversation that ensued

Me: He (the driver) said he would not take card payment. As I have only recently added my card I didn’t understand. My payment amount was 297 (may be I got it wrong). He didn’t tell me that I didn’t have to pay. I asked him whether he wanted cash and he replied in the affirmative. I didn’t know that i need not have paid cash as my card is already attached. Please help me.

Leela M. (on behalf of Uber writes back)

Hi Prateeksha On checking this, I see that teh trip you are referring to was a non-cash Mastercard **** trip. Riders are expected to pay by the payment method chosen before they request a ride.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to process a refund in this case.

Appreciate your understanding in this regard.

Me: So what happens to the money I paid…since Uber app is showing me a pending payment

Harman (another Uber flunky)

Hi Prateeksha

I get where you are coming from and can imagine how frustrating the situation must have been. However, cash exchanged outside the Uber system cannot be recorded, and we would not be able to account for it and make adjustments to the trip fare.

For your future trips, whenever you’re requesting an Uber be sure to check the payment method you ‘re using so that you don’t end up paying twice for the same trip.

Appreciate  your concern in this regard. (well of course, it is my money, I will be concerned and why not? Wouldn’t you be?)

Me: So what is to be done now? If you expect me to pay a second time…it will not be fair

Me: I am not going to pay a second time here, be assured of it! I will discontinue using Uber

Kamaljeet S. (a third bloke to carry on the same conversation from Uber)

Hi Prateeksha

I get where you are coming from and can imagine how frustrting the situation must have been (hey is that a standard line all Uber blokes use to address customers who feel cheated?) However, cash exchanged outside the Uber system cannot be recorded, and we would not be able to account for it and make adjustments to the trip fare.(I get it, you have the same lines…by typing them out a second time I know it now!)

For your…blah, blah,…(read above in red)

And after every dialog from Uber I get a green band saying Resolved. In other words, they have resolved my problem!

In further words, they want me to pay a second time…!@!!

And I say- In what manner is the issue resolved, I am not clear! Is my balance clear or is there a pending payment?

Now for god sake…another flunkeeee called

balraj s shows up to enlighten my path

Hi Prateeksha (really, I must be your school buddy)

We were unable to charge your outstanding balance of INR 339.45 to the payment method selected for your trip on September 2,2017 10:47 Am. You will be unable to request a trip until this balance is paid in full.

If you’d like to use a different payment method to settle your balance, tap Payments in your app to add a new payment account or select a different one.

Please let us know if you have questions.

Really! Do you really want to solve my problem- then how come no one person carries on a conversation and innumerable people keep popping up for the next response, which is nothing but the same thing over and over again?

I realized by now they can really out-talk you, no matter how wrong they be. And what is the point in talking to idiots where the system itself is so deeply flawed.

I would like to report the following things about the Uber…who have a rotten mechanism in place-

  1. When their cabs come the designated drivers are often not driving. In my case the cab was driven by a man called Rahul, whereas the picture of the person which the Uber app sent to me was completely different. In other words, someone else was posing as Rahul and driving the car.
  2. Had he been the designated driver hired by Uber he would have told me to not pay as this was a cashless drive (yesterday’s driver told me)

If your drivers are so well known to you, why not call up the driver and find out if I paid the amount or not?! Why are you harassing me?!

How can you risk anyone this way, and let people who are ignorant be cheated?

Is this not a matter of great SHAME?!



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