Who am I, is a philosophical dilemma, especially for those who are so inquisitive. For the simpler person life is a struggle about food, clothing, shelter and I do not just mean the man on the street, but also the man in the expensive car who spends a great part of life just running after more complex versions of the same.

Now instead of saying who I am, for I am not sure I can represent myself in all domains that constitute me, I simply share what I do, which creates my identity into definable or recognizable bits. In the outer world I am trained to be a musician, in fact the only thing that I am ever trained for, or choose to continue training myself in. That training is a long winding road, for the immensity of knowledge is such that the more layers you peel, the more it seems that the lesser you know. I think it is so much better to just know a miniscule bit and earn your bread and butter out of it, then keep looking at every little bit as though it is a philosophy that you need to derive about it- but well, that is me!

Within music, my training has been in Hindustani Classical music, which is a traditional age-old way of singing (yes my voice is my instrument) in the north of India, different from the South of the country.

Hear my voice

if you like. Apart from the main form in which I have been trained, I sing ghazal and bhajan, which are two different genres of poetry. The youtube link here is a ghazal.

I also write. A whole lot of things to be sure. I sometimes surprise myself and wonder, if I am really a musician, or who am I? So the question that I start out with also baffles me. But yes, if you have the patience to drive further, I will steer your direction to this link that talks about my writing. So yes you can see my world of writing and some bits of music, if you like. Apart from these there are a few other things that I do, among them manage a pack of dogs, my home, my reading, my conversations with neighbours – just like anyone else, and yes am also an entrepreneur, propelled by her dreams to spread the ideas that I research in, in empowering ways for the world around. Compulsive peace creator too :). I will be happy to hear from you in case you like to share something with me. Thank you for your interest.

BUT THAT WAS THEN…starting July 2016, I am also a doctoral researcher in mental health, studying the legal sides of it at the National Academy of Legal Sciences and Research (NALSAR) at Hyderabad. Work in counseling goes on notwithstanding the phd research!

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