My Concerns

Everyone is an advocate in the world, for something or another- commodity or service, concept or philosophy. I also have a few areas that I engage in and advocate about. I share with you what those areas are here, though to read about each of them and my positions within them, you may have to look at other posts or links.

One of the most important areas for my life and work is EDUCATION, for it is the foundation of any society. A lot has gone wrong in the world due to the way education is being imparted, for people have lost the vision that a humanizing education was supposed to impart.

The act of getting an education, that imparts skills and training for gainful employment has become so stressful, it causes suffering of various sorts to people along the entire spectrum,  from young school going children to post-doctoral candidates in universities and impacts health adversely in a number of cases; within that- the mental well being, in particular. So the other area I work in is MENTAL HEALTH, as part of the work of my organization- Hansadhwani Foundation, which is still incapable of employing others, and I keep up the work by myself. Within the scope of Hansadhwani Foundation is nested our mental health arm, called Mansa, whose motto is- helping people become happier. My motto actually. Under the larger umbrella of mental health I situate every other disabling condition of body or mind, for every one no matter how ill or disabled also have a mind, which is adversely affected by their situation/body. I engage on all sides of the disability spectrum, including gerontology to understand mental health.

I am an artist, a musician in particular, though my creative expression manifests in other areas as well- in particular poetry, photography, cooking and gardening. Nobody does all things at the same time and life is long enough to follow all your passions and specialize in some. I am not a specialist in all these areas to the extent of setting up shop in them to market them, but certainly in music I can as well in mental health. So my advocacy within the arts is around a meaningful engagement with the arts, that can be transformative for the individual and their environment. In a nutshell my advocacy lies in applied musicology.

How to extend the scope of education and make it more humanizing, so that it creates individuals for a world which is progressively becoming porous, permeable and transitory? This brings me to the final area of my life and work- Peace. I blog about peace separately and try to deconstruct- break a thing down into its components, situations so that more can understand the workings of their minds, their institutions, their attitudes, actions, communities, societies if they also want to create peace. Creating peace is something that can only be accomplished by little actions, without stopping, giving up or getting impatient. We may not accomplish it in our lifetime (neither did the Buddha) but that still makes it worth pursuing all the more.


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