Philosophy, some say, does not happen on an empty stomach. Is that so? Whatever it is, to spend a whole life in pandering to the fires of the stomach or the lusts of the senses certainly creates no scope for philosophy either.

Philosophy permeates every aspect of my life, including the work I do, the choices I make any number of times a day and the way I spend the whole day, everyday. There is a philosophy that makes you live for yourself and your pleasures all the while, there is another in which you look at the world around you, and see yourself as a small speck in it, that wants to contribute to the world in some way. I am that speck which constantly thinks about doing something useful for the world around, and I do, in little ways.

There is a philosophy that is rooted in individualism and the supremacy of individual freedom, and there is one that believes that individualism is just not possible nor desirable in a world where we are all relational beings- connected to one another in infinite ways, through a whole web of relationships and possibilities. Viewing the world from that standpoint there is nobody who is alone, at least not in their suffering, neither in their consumption of whatever they consume.

Our appetites determine our role in the market. If you do not ‘consume’ a product like pornography there will be no market for it. If there will be no market for it then women, and children will not be exploited in the name of pornography or sex rackets, or tourism related to that. It goes on and on- how many children would be saved in Thailand, India, Indonesia, Brazil and Africa, and possibly many other parts of the world. Whatever we ‘consume’ impacts the world we live in and likewise whatever we produce does too. Everything is connected to other things, whether or not we can see the web of creation.

A life without philosophy is a barren, meaningless existence and not for me. I will continue to refine this part of my writing, for someday I do wish to write about many aspects of things including things as diverse as music, education, sexuality, peace and co-creation.

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