Applied musicology

I am a classical musician, who works in three genres of music, principally rooted in the Hindustani Classical Music tradition of North India. In addition to the performance and composition aspects of music, I also work in academic research in music, which can be seen on the research side of my work, right here on this blog.


In musicology I work principally in two areas, viz music pedagogy and music therapy research. The first is also being offered as training via SwarGanga, and the next will soon be offered as music therapy sessions. To read about my work in music therapy please click this link.

I begin this writing with a linguistic detour into the meaning of musicology.

the study of music as an academic subject, as distinct from training in performance or composition; scholarly research into music.
It may be clear from this meaning that  when one works in any area other than performance it becomes musicology- music married to another area of inquiry- education,  health, or you name it. I work in music-education, music- psychology and music-mental health.
I am not only interested in teaching music but also how it can be made more relevant to the learner- in other words, learner-centric, rather than curriculum-centric. This is one of the reasons I am not happy to teach music for examinations, but purely music for its own sake. I try to teach music in a dialogic fashion so that not only there are dialogues with students and among students, but also dialogues that enrich the whole learning process, in which children joyfully and interestedly come for their music classes and the exchange within the musical environment is always living and engaged.
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