I got into blogging around 2008-09, and even at that time my writing could be put under a sufficiently different categories to assign them to different blogs. Naturally you cannot bring things like the bhakti poetry of kabir, gardening, dogs, ghazal, a blog about your own home or any such thing under the same head. My mind has always followed a certain system of classifying ideas.

But in that act of creating different notebooks (as I think about my blogs) in cyberspace, I stretched myself  somewhat. That is how life is, there is a time for scattering and there is a time for gathering. Now that time has come. So though I will still continue to fill my various notebooks everywhere, THIS is the blog which would hold all the folds together and whoever is interested in whatever can see that part of my mind, from the many roads that lead out of here.

I am sharing some of these links as follows. Some of them are also links that I am sharing for the first time here. There is an additional reason for this exercise. A few days ago, I was reading that these days people are creating so much in cyberspace that after they are dead and gone, it becomes difficult to locate it or have any reasonable idea what all could have happened. Also with the intention of getting everything close to the rest this section is created, for who knows when the time comes to pack and leave-  nobody can say bye-bye to cyber friends at that point! Oh please feel free to click any of the links and they will open the corresponding blog.

However, I do not blog so furiously any longer because my work is not confined to myself any longer, unlike in its earlier stages. As a result most of my blogging activity is focused on prateekshalaya blog- which in essence means ‘home of prateeksha’ or these are the activities in which I am ‘at home’

Ideas I am committed to

Hansadhwani Foundation– this blog is about the activities of the Hansadhwani Foundation and is currently being planned, executed and documented, even as we get our website in place.

Art for Social Change

World Peace

Helping people become happier

Music blogs

Here is my kabir blog

My ghazal blog

Things that I enjoy doing (am no longer able to blog on this section of blogs, as all my writing on this one has coalesced on the present blog)


being with my dogs,

my once upon a time fotos blog,

Blogs about my life in general

My home that was in Faridabad, Haryana

Life in Goa where I  lived between March 2014- June 2016

Recovery from Mental Illness is a blog dedicated to helping more people recover from mental ‘illnesses’ and a large part of its posts are emanating from my phd research.

Prateekshalaya- my most exhaustive blog contains a flow of all these ideas

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