The Poet

Goa 2014 190I don’t just write poetry, I am a poet. Every look, glance, thought or action of mine is done with a poet’s stance- not always with foresight, but usually something that is aware of life in its multiple dimensions. I often live with a sense of wonderment and appreciation of life around, and endeavour to contribute further toward that.

Like any other real poet my heart suffers to see the suffering in the world and my pen and my songs reflect that suffering, while dreaming of a world where there would be justice and enough for everyone- to survive, to grow and to flower. To create any art that is an expression of my own angst and my suffering or for my own individualistic expression is an anathema I do not tolerate and stay away from such mush by miles.

Being an Indian from India, I am extremely proud of the linguistic diversity and mental scope it offers to anyone in this beautiful country, especially by way of poetry. My poetic mind is enriched by many great poets of India, first among them he who I call my own master KABIR. Bhakti or devotion is something that engulfs me from multiple dimensions, especially because it constantly nurtures the soul of the musician that I am. I sing poetry in three languages- Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi and write in English. I love the Sufi poetry in Punjabi of the many great sufis…perhaps would not sing it though, for how much can one pack in a lifetime? It is too short, and being mediocre in multiple domains is unthinkable.

Some poets who I am deeply inspired by (in English) include Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Keats, H.W. Longfellow, Alexander Pushkin, and a long list actually. I am also fond of the English poetry of Sarojini Naidu, and Tagore (or were they translations that I read?)

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