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The arrow of the ‘Bani’

The late nineties were a period of intense suffering for me. There was the suffering of the bipolar, which had made me a social outcast, and there was the suffering rather search for myself, via my musical self; which had to appear much later in life, at a philosophical and experiential level. One of the… Continue reading The arrow of the ‘Bani’

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Feedback that gladdens your core

Of course every feedback is valuable to an artist, but some is more so. The ‘more So’ happens when it comes from seniors who are significant in their own right. Yesterday, by chance, upon listening to one of my ghazals (while sharing it with another dear friend who is equally fond of my music) I… Continue reading Feedback that gladdens your core

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On living Kabir

This morning, an unusual one in the sense that I turned the computer on quickly, unlike other days when I focus on bathing and getting the food ready for the dogs, or think of my music on rare occasions, when I turned the computer, I had two emails in it. One from the editor of… Continue reading On living Kabir

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Timelessness of daily living

I just sat for a few minutes of meditation awhile back. Within a few minutes the rain came pouring down, and with my closed eyes I experienced it. And I did. I suddenly felt that in that brief torrent, I heard the ocean, then the river, and then the rapids of the river, also the… Continue reading Timelessness of daily living