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The countdown begins >>>

This is the countdown we are all moving towards- some fear it, some dread it, some accept it resignedly, some with equanimity and some with peace. I do not yet know where I stand on this spectrum. Perhaps just somewhere from where all these options seems recognizable. This is the countdown towards reaching the culmination… Continue reading The countdown begins >>>

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With Raga, mid ragas and the inevitability of change

It’s difficult to accept, no matter what evidence life brings in front, that you will soon lose a beloved companion. With Raga the evidence is mounting every single day- her earlier mobility with the two front legs has become even less so. Perhaps it is even a notch worse. Now she is unable to turn… Continue reading With Raga, mid ragas and the inevitability of change

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No wheels for my girl

In these past few months Raga has progressively deteriorated. So now, this is her most common posture. But that does not mean this is the only posture she adopts in the course of the day- there are at least a few others. But while the common posture is what she maintains for the better part… Continue reading No wheels for my girl

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Of inabilities and disabilities

It goes without saying I have not been blogging- at all. In months and months. I am simply not able to- the computer where I have a high speed internet is in a room which feels very cold this winter. I mean, this winter in particular, because I am back into the room after a… Continue reading Of inabilities and disabilities

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August ends yet again

Well of course, August ends every year, doesn’t it? A lot of water has flown under the bridge this summer…really a lot. There is so much that has happened that I have only looked at things and wondered what all is worth writing. So first things first, from where I left off last time- the… Continue reading August ends yet again

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Dog crates and the Indian Rail

I am going through a distressing fortnight these days, ever since I sent two dog crates from Delhi to Margao, Goa. I had taken two dogs from Goa to Delhi and sent the crates back from there with the view that the other two dogs would come back a fortnight later, in the same crates-… Continue reading Dog crates and the Indian Rail

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Hill side in the morning

In the mornings, I usually take the dogs to the hill side for a walk. With Nikki, Ginger and Dash, the walk is a short one- not lasting for more than a round or a little more. With Raga, we both walk for a little longer, or in fact a lot longer. On many a… Continue reading Hill side in the morning