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One year later>>>

Today we complete a year, tomorrow is a first ‘anniversary’ of returning back from Goa. It is a funny thing to say- nothing can be more ridiculous than the anniversary of return from one city to another. But in this case it is. I had left Faridabad and gone from here for good- I was… Continue reading One year later>>>

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Hill side in the morning

In the mornings, I usually take the dogs to the hill side for a walk. With Nikki, Ginger and Dash, the walk is a short one- not lasting for more than a round or a little more. With Raga, we both walk for a little longer, or in fact a lot longer. On many a… Continue reading Hill side in the morning

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my success, not mine in the least

I should have written a new post…the new year is 31 days old after all. But this was a difficult year in the beginning- it started with me having a burnout!! of all things. Due to what? Nothing but a deep cough. A cough brought in all the symptoms of mania (psychosis) and I had… Continue reading my success, not mine in the least

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Damyanti … :)

A few months ago, I went to meet an elderly relative of mine- a grand aunt and her son’s family, from my father’s side. When I visited them, my first visit to their home ever, I was fascinated to meet them as a family, because where does one get to meet second cousins of one’s… Continue reading Damyanti … 🙂