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Feedback that gladdens your core

Of course every feedback is valuable to an artist, but some is more so. The ‘more So’ happens when it comes from seniors who are significant in their own right. Yesterday, by chance, upon listening to one of my ghazals (while sharing it with another dear friend who is equally fond of my music) I… Continue reading Feedback that gladdens your core

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Shivmat Bhairav

From the start this has been a difficult year in terms of health. First it was the ‘breakdown’, then came the Phd admission, then the spinal problems and now the chikungunya. Wow! talking of living in a ‘poor’ country, one cannot but worry about how the average person lives here. Everyone seems to be sick… Continue reading Shivmat Bhairav

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A peopled space this month

This month has been full of the unexpected in so many ways, and if I have not said it already I am saying it here, a certain explosion in the number of new people I met in the past few weeks. Of course, everyone meets with new people every few days or thereabout, but I… Continue reading A peopled space this month

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When age gets to you faster than your time

I have been meaning to write this post for awhile now, but due to extreme pain in my spine the time I am spending on my computer is extremely curtailed. But when I saw ideas piling up in my mind, I thought I might as well, put this down, lest…I lose it completely or all… Continue reading When age gets to you faster than your time

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With animals as witness…

Nikki and Ginger With my foursome, as witness, many a song, a musical lyre, a poem, a khayal and another piece of music (I work in three genres of music) I have composed and practiced again and again, to perform in front of audiences, in concerts. It is another matter that the sort of tenacity… Continue reading With animals as witness…

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The unimaginable pain of singing Faiz

Several years ago, I recorded an album of song- written back long back by the eminent Pakistani poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz. His poetry found a great resonance in my suffering soul, and in expressing my angst I would compose song after song ( nearly composed 20-21 of his alone!) and give a vent to my… Continue reading The unimaginable pain of singing Faiz

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On living Kabir

This morning, an unusual one in the sense that I turned the computer on quickly, unlike other days when I focus on bathing and getting the food ready for the dogs, or think of my music on rare occasions, when I turned the computer, I had two emails in it. One from the editor of… Continue reading On living Kabir