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Raga, Marwa, and Malkauns

On 31st July, at 20:20, Raga went into her surgery- for a tail amputation. She had developed gangrene and the decision was taken in the morning itself when I had taken her to the vet’s, for a catheterization- to empty her bladder. On a sudden thought I decided to take my electronic tanpura with me,… Continue reading Raga, Marwa, and Malkauns

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The countdown begins >>>

This is the countdown we are all moving towards- some fear it, some dread it, some accept it resignedly, some with equanimity and some with peace. I do not yet know where I stand on this spectrum. Perhaps just somewhere from where all these options seems recognizable. This is the countdown towards reaching the culmination… Continue reading The countdown begins >>>

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No wheels for my girl

In these past few months Raga has progressively deteriorated. So now, this is her most common posture. But that does not mean this is the only posture she adopts in the course of the day- there are at least a few others. But while the common posture is what she maintains for the better part… Continue reading No wheels for my girl

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my success, not mine in the least

I should have written a new post…the new year is 31 days old after all. But this was a difficult year in the beginning- it started with me having a burnout!! of all things. Due to what? Nothing but a deep cough. A cough brought in all the symptoms of mania (psychosis) and I had… Continue reading my success, not mine in the least

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Towards new knowledge

These days I am quite concerned about writing and writing better. I am not writing- to say the least…just musing about it, reading other people’s writing and thinking of ways to make my own better, crisp and more accessible. Of course one of the reasons that has caused this shift in approach to understanding human… Continue reading Towards new knowledge

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A heart without suffering

A heart without suffering, Neither softens, nor pays heed To another- life or to another’s pain Suffering, in many ways, can be a gain If it makes one shine, like a stone carved or a metal polished Without which we all remain merely cold, affected and inured To all that we could have appreciated, not bored… Continue reading A heart without suffering

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With animals as witness…

Nikki and Ginger With my foursome, as witness, many a song, a musical lyre, a poem, a khayal and another piece of music (I work in three genres of music) I have composed and practiced again and again, to perform in front of audiences, in concerts. It is another matter that the sort of tenacity… Continue reading With animals as witness…