Engage with me

I invite readers who accidentally stray to my blog or who follow my writing on this site to share with me their reflections on the issues that I touch upon.

I mostly do not write to impress anyone and neither do I worry or care about who reads what I write or how I should publicize what I do.I suppose it takes many kinds to make the world- my kind too.

I have been blogging for many years, and at one point of time when in the midst of serious mental illness, I had nearly ten blogs running simultaneously. Naturally they are still around- but my concern was never to share publicly or whether anyone read me at all.My concern was that I should write, notwithstanding my inner condition and just get away from it. And none of those blogs was nonsensical, the way you might think a ‘mentally ill’ person could be ranting, be assured. Mental illness is nothing but distress gone out of control…till such time that you can get a grip on your own situation, which I did.

In fact, come to think of it, the digital camera that my brother gave me was the trigger for creating all those blogs- because now I could embellish my writing with colours and photographs that I had taken. Goodness, I never thought about photography as one of the elements of my recovery- what a thing. Oh but the subjects of those blogs were varied- I wrote about my home on one, as I started living alone with four dogs, one was my poetry (I never shared it), one was about music, one gardening, one was about my dreams of an organization ( I created two- as a non profit in 2010, and as an enterprise in 2014). I even had a photography blog for myself and in those days I joined many a forum where people would share their photographs, I still remember Flickr from then, though i no longer utilize it. Those were just the dream stages of everything. Now sowing those dreams in to the universe and see them grow, in due course, one day at a time.

My writing is just a simple expression diversified into many formats, partially due to age, partially due to style. I invite you, in case it interests you further to read about it here

My invitation to engage is an invitation for dialogue, where we recognize one another’s wisdom, yet not be afraid to call a spade a spade, the way people avoid in polite communication. Mine is a communication from the heart, even in research, so you are invited similarly- from your heart. I will be happy to hear from you, in case you would like it. And thanks again for stopping by.

My invitation to engage is also an invitation to collaborate in ways that we can use both our wisdom for not only our good, but also the good of the world around us. I work in counseling (for want of a better word) as a collaborator (my preferred word and attitude), though I keep my attitude of research always intact. My life is devoted to creating meaning and peace in every situation possible.

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