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The Hansadhwani Foundation was officially founded on 16th April 2010, in Delhi, to work through the arts in education and health. The Foundation has a motto – ‘Nurturing the self through Art’. Over time this organization moved from being a grassroots organization to becoming a research organization, as grassroots work was not possible without a big team and I personally did not have the physical, financial or spiritual resources to get into manpower management. Over time since I had just myself ‘recovered’, I could only study, study and knock at doors, which I did, while none opened. What you see here is the background of Hansadhwani, as narrated by me, its founding director and chairperson. The rest of the team is here, which changed over the years, as some left and some came in- the way life goes always.

Hansadhwani Foundation is now a research organization that extends the outcomes of its research to advocacy. The scope of our research is to work within interdisciplinary convergences on the entire spectrum within the arts-mental health, including on both extremes of the spectrum, which implies in pure art and purely in mental health too. We do not look at mental health as a medical category, or a label that can be given to a person, but as a barometer for judging the overall wellness of individuals, families and societies.

In the spring of 2014 I moved to Goa and decided to bring all the work of the Foundation in one basket , for by then the Enterprise had also taken birth.  I have been working alone for many years now, in that direction and hopefully now, some of that work will start showing. This is where I share the work of the Foundation, a blog which shares whatever else we do as part of Hansadhwani. For now there are two sides to the work- art and mental health. In future I hope and dream about a research institute. But since I may not be able to garner financial resources, it is also quite possible that the Hansadhwani Foundation would remain as my solitary corner for doing research, while every other activity is taken up by the Enterprises.


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