Mission Peace

Without peace there can be no progress. Universally. So if we want to be at peace within ourselves there are only two options- either we shut our eyes to the suffering of the world and go seek our own version of peace OR try creating peace for everyone in the world, for without them our singular peace has no meaning.

Everyone recognizes the need for peace and the value of it in their own lives, yet some also want to extend their own experience of it to reach out and touch a wider humanity. Not with any arrogance that they know better, but because in this act towards their fellow human beings they hope to ameliorate human suffering. I am among those who feel that all work I do, ought to be in creating peace in the world.

Peace is not just a concept for academics and politicians to talk about. Peace is something that we all need in our day-to-day lives, in our daily communication- within our families, our classrooms, our corridors, communities, neighbourhoods and every possible forum where people mingle with one another. From finding our peace within ourselves we have to take it outward and spread it further, mindfully, respectfully and patiently.

In the act of making peace we have to watch ourselves all the time, because any moment we can blurt out something negative, vicious or rude to anyone. We talk about peace for ourselves and war for others, and this diabolical attitude has created the world we live in, where we find it so difficult to trust most people and situations around us.

If we have to create peace in the world we have to create peace in every action we perform and then think of everyone in the world worthy of being party to the peace we create. We cannot think anyone is apart from us because of religion, skin colour, race, language, gender, community, nationality, sexual preference or any other attribute that sets us apart from one another superficially.

To create peace in the world we have to recognize that it is a daily effort that is required, one act a time, one person at a time, and only with that attitude we can get anywhere in even dreaming together about a world where every cry is heard and responded to. In creating peace for just ourselves and seemingly for our families, we may create momentary islands of peace but no lasting solution, even for ourselves.

We all stand together or we all fail– that is the final truth of life.

Since peace is one of the key concerns of my life, I maintain a special cyber notebook on that subject and most of my work is directed at creating peace, for the largest number of people. It takes time for the work of a person, especially a single lone wolf quietly working in the wilderness to get noticed. But that does not mean you can stop the work.. So while I do whatever little bit I can, I record some of it here. Please read this notebook in your own time, especially this link, and this too.

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