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The arrow of the ‘Bani’

The late nineties were a period of intense suffering for me. There was the suffering of the bipolar, which had made me a social outcast, and there was the suffering rather search for myself, via my musical self; which had to appear much later in life, at a philosophical and experiential level. One of the… Continue reading The arrow of the ‘Bani’

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Kindness that leaves one speechless

On 25th June, I wrote a post on this blog,  in which I mentioned about Deepak Raja and his new book- Raga-ness of Ragas. Since he had invited me for a promotional lecture about the book, via a WhatsApp message, I thanked him and promised to give it an honest effort. (now of course with… Continue reading Kindness that leaves one speechless

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Shivmat Bhairav

From the start this has been a difficult year in terms of health. First it was the ‘breakdown’, then came the Phd admission, then the spinal problems and now the chikungunya. Wow! talking of living in a ‘poor’ country, one cannot but worry about how the average person lives here. Everyone seems to be sick… Continue reading Shivmat Bhairav

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Trivialization of Indian Arts

A lecture link saved here.

Dr. Bharat Gupt in this lecture gives an exposition to how the Indian Arts have been trivialized in the current times. Some ideas need to be taken with a pinch of salt, yet it is worth listening to. In particular the philosophical moorings of Indian art that he talks about.

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Poetry…for psychiatry conference!!!

I could have been at the conference in Mexico today, had I had the money for it. But then did I really ever want to be in a gathering of psychiatrists who would be congratulating themselves about how variously they have fooled the world into believing they have  a cure for the suffering of millions… Continue reading Poetry…for psychiatry conference!!!

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World mental health day and Hyderabadi biryani

The world mental health day is an uncanny day this time for me, as for the first time I will be outside my home. At the time of writing this, I am very much on my own computer and have an article to share as part of this writing, which has just come down today… Continue reading World mental health day and Hyderabadi biryani

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A peopled space this month

This month has been full of the unexpected in so many ways, and if I have not said it already I am saying it here, a certain explosion in the number of new people I met in the past few weeks. Of course, everyone meets with new people every few days or thereabout, but I… Continue reading A peopled space this month