2014 044Just look at this picture for a moment.

What can you make out? Anything that comes to your mind.

A picture hides a story. Every picture actually. And in telling those stories we change identities, change our tools of expressions and acquire new languages and mannerisms.

I love telling stories. Also in pictures, though with words with equal interest. Even my research writing seems like stories, because though I want to tell serious things and talk about serious issues, I do not have to make them dead or drab necessarily. Neither inaccessible or incomprehensible to any. The joy of communication cannot be for the communicator only- it should equally be felt by the one who is communicated with. Unless people enjoy what I write, sing, photograph, cook or create, what fun is it to do it?

The fun of creation is over with the creation. The next fun is the fun of sharing, the joy of sharing- in case you think fun is a ‘lower’ emotion. Even though I live alone for most part of my life, in whatever I do there has to be an element of fun- on a daily, nay hourly basis. I work in research for the sheer fun of it, even though nobody pays me for it. The fun of chasing words, chasing expression, chasing the act of meaning making and making that meaning- simply, humbly, joyfully and accessibly. No verbiage or intellectual dressing for me. For I am the soul of a poet that loves people, who wants to communicate and not really baffle any 🙂

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